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Xiaomeng Cathy He

Hi! I'm Cathy X. He

As a multifaceted designer with a curious and playful spirit, I specialize in juvenile and consumer product design, igniting joy in people’s lives. Devoted to creating captivating, fun, and enriching products and experiences, I strive to kindle the innate playfulness, curiosity, and creativity in children and adults through interactive, sensory-rich, and innovative designs. I view design as insight into the essence of things, endeavoring to observe, learn, and gather inspiration from diverse users and disciplines.


I received my Master of Industrial Design degree from Pratt Institute and my BMath degree in Financial Analysis and Risk Management from the University of Waterloo. Fueled by a passion for play, research, human behavior, and project management, my creative and logical approach provides a unique perspective. I challenge the status quo and delve deep into issues, uncovering distinctive opportunities.


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